Rates and regulation assigning moorings

For the assignment of berths available at the docks, piers and other areas in the port of Casal Velino, you can refer to the announcement below: download the document in pdf format. It is also possible download separately the necessary forms to submit the application in three different ways:
- directly or through a person in charge, at the general protocol office of the municipality;
- By post by registered letter A/R;
- By fax or e-mail (demanio@comune.casalvelino.sa.it or ragioneria@comune.casalvelino.sa.it).

Announcement and forms
Announcement for the allocation of berths;
Enclosure 1) Request for assignment of a berth in the port of Casal Velino;
Enclosure 2) Form for natives and residents;
Replacement declaration for certification;
The documents to be attached to the application are specified in the announcement. It is not necessary to attach the documentation, excluding the policy, if already submitted the previous year.

Regulation of the activities and customs in the port of Casal Velino (download the document)