From Casal Velino Port to Velia

Velia is one of the most important archaeological sites in Magna Graecia; it is situated in the heart of National Park of Cilento, in the area of Marina di Ascea bordering Casal Velino. Velia was the home of Elea School, Parmenides and Zeno s house and summer residence of Cicero and Horace. Among the many archaeological findings (almost all in the museum of Paestum) you can see in the site of Velia, the Porta Rosa (Pink Door), one of the most remarkable examples in Magna Graecia, as well as the oldest in Italy with a wedge-shaped arch.
Now you can visit the southern area, which is accessed today by South Port Marina, surrounded by over four kilometers of walls, and acropolis, on the end of the promontory. From Marina di Casal Velino in the summer you can reach Velia by shuttle service. Timetables.