Casal Velino

The town of Casal Velino is located on the border with the ancient town of Velia. It is a province of Salerno, and is situated in the National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano. It includes towns of: Acquavella, Bivio di Acquavella, Marina di Casal Velino, Vallo Scalo, Verduzio. The old village of Casal Velino – in the past called Casalicchio – is composed of ancient streets and houses. We find the Casa Contadina Museum, that shows all environments, furniture and utensils of the local farmers’ house.

Behind Casal Velino, at the slopes of Mount Stella, there is Acquavella: here nature and an urban structure typical of the towns of Cilento are mixed, there are steep alleys and little houses huddled, so tourists have the impression of a town barely touched by modernity. Coming down from Casal Velino towards the sea, to the right of the river Alento there is Marina di Casal Velino, an ancient fishing village. Since ancient times, this place was one of the most important ports of the ancient town of Elea-Velia, used for trade. It is a frequented seaside resort with good accommodation facilities: the centre is full of beautiful shops, pizzerias, restaurants with home cooking. It has also a touristic port which role is becoming more important, representing a door from the sea

Mappa Territorio di Casal Velino