The port of Casal Velino - Services

The port of Marina di Casal Velino is enclosed by an outer breakwater with three arms and by an elbow pier with triangular-shaped head. Quays are indicated by lights. Internally there are 7 floating docks, while the last section of the outer breakwater dock is reserved to vessels in transit. The base of the pier is reserved to Port Authority, while the rest of the quay is intended to fishing boats.

Lighthouses and navigation lights: 2666.6 (E 1739.7) – green flashing light, time 3 seconds, distance 5 m at the end of the outer breakwater; 2666.7 (E 1739.8) – red flashing light, time 3 seconds, distance 5 m outside of the pier; 2666.8 fixed red light, 2 vertical, inside of the pier.
Seabed: sand.
Bottom: quay from 1 to 5 m.
Radio: vhf channel 06.
Wind: sirocco and westerly.
Transverse wind: Transverse wind.
The nearest safe harbor: Baia di Dominella

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planimetria porto


Seats in a boat: 300

Maximum length: 20 meters


Electric energy


Electrical repairs

Engine repairs

Laundry service



Fire service

Refueling service

Showers service


Weather service